Parenting struggles? Emotional challenges? Difficult life changes?


That’s me. Being that mum again. Not proceeding with love and understanding. But being reactive and frustrated. Exacerbated and explosive.

I didn’t want to be that mum. I didn’t sign up for that. I wanted a calm, loving, nurturing and restorative home life. A haven.

But I was deep in resentment, irritability and exhaustion. For too long. Something had to change. Eventually, I realised that the something was – me.

It’s been a transformational journey that began with me and has benefitted my kids. It’s been life-changing, healing and soul-affirming. I’ve stepped away from the blame, self-sacrifice and self-criticism (so much criticism), and instead come back to me. True me.

I thought I’d lost myself to parenting. But parenting helped me to find myself. (And in fact, that was its plan all along).

I’m now raising empowered and heart-centred kids and I’m healing myself back to wholeness. Want to join me?

Our starting point

  • We feel like we’re in a constant battle with our children over simple, day to day tasks
  • We find our children’s big emotions and challenging behaviour difficult to deal with
  • We often worry or feel anxious about our family or our life
  • We are often negative about our parenting and ourselves
  • We often feel exhausted, irritable, frustrated or overwhelmed by family life
  • Or we might be going through difficult life circumstances like family changes, relationship difficulties or other challenging times

Our end goal

  • We learn parenting skills and behavioural and emotional coaching skills to overcome the big dramas and challenging behaviour in our family
  • We boost our own and our family’s emotional health and wellbeing
  • We strengthen our relationship with our children and within our family
  • We navigate difficult life events and circumstances so we and our family thrive rather than simply survive
  • We become who we were always meant to be

We become calm and connected parents, raising empowered and heart-centred kids.
That’s what we do, because that’s who we are.

Hello! I’m Jodie Benveniste, a psychologist, parenting author, TEDx speaker, and Intuitive Parenting specialist

I’m also a mum. Which is how I found myself here, running this business.

When I became pregnant, I was over-the-moon-happy. Exhilarated. I had a blissful pregnancy, read lots of books, and went to ante-natal classes. I thought I was ready. But when my baby arrived, I was in no way prepared.

I struggled. No, that is an under-statement. I floundered. I went from being a relatively in control career woman to being that overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, irritable mum. I loved my baby, but I didn’t like my new life.

I stayed in resentment and resistance for as long as possible. Probably longer. Then I collapsed. That was the first (of three, yes, count them, three) breakdowns/breakthroughs.

I wasn’t necessarily ‘ready’ to change. But I had to. I’d brought so much baggage to parenting. And it was a heavy load. If I wanted to bring the best to my kids, I needed to transform. I’m so glad I opened that door.

You see, I thought my job was to raise my kids. But now, I realise that they’ve been raising me.

Now I specialize in helping parents, like you, to overcome problem behaviours, emotional dramas, family chaos, emotional challenges and difficult life circumstances. And instead, become calm and connected parents, raising empowered and heart-centred kids.

I work in private practice, lead transformational parenting programs, both in person and online, and I give inspirational and practical parenting talks.

I’m a frequent commentator in the media, a TEDx speaker, and a trusted advisor to government and corporates on parenting issues.

In fact, my struggles were the inspiration for my three parenting books (how else do you write these things?)

• Plus, a new book is coming soon!

Most importantly, I’m a mum who has been there. But who is now in a much, much better place. You can be too.

What is Intuitive Parenting?

Intuitive Parenting is

  • A holistic parenting philosophy taught by me, but tailored by you
  • An approach you can apply to all situations
  • An opportunity to unite your body, mind and soul through your parenting
  • A healing journey that emphasises your needs alongside your children’s
  • A way to connect your own experiences with those of your family, ultimately bringing you closer

We connect to our kids, tap into our intuition, and create a blueprint for our parenting that works for our children and transforms ourselves.

These are the principles of Intuitive Parenting

Parenting is a relationship.

We’re in a relationship with our children. We’re in a dynamic. When we strengthen the connection we share with our children, we also deepen our own inner connection.

We’re not here to raise happy kids. We’re on a bigger mission.

We’re not here to smooth the path for our kids. We’re here to raise kids who know, love and be who they are. Then they can make their unique contribution to the world.

We have the inner wisdom we need to raise our children.

We all have an inner well of wisdom that we can use in our parenting (and in our lives). As Intuitive Parents, the answer often lies within rather than outside of ourselves.

The true magic of parenting is our own healing.

Parenting is not only about what we teach our children. It’s also what our children teach us. Our children help us grow and evolve and heal ourselves back to wholeness – if we allow it.

We can change the world with our parenting.

We can create a family where we all know, love and be exactly who we are. That creates transformational change in our communities and in our world. We are that powerful and so are our children.

Let’s get practical

Intuitive Parenting isn’t all lofty ideas and good intentions. It’s practical. We learn:

  • The knowledge and awareness we need to create change
  • The practical actions we can take in our families everyday
  • And the restorative healing practices we need to transform ourselves

We be the change our family (and the world) needs.

Here’s some resources for you

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‘A parenting philosophy that’s a perfect fit’

“Jodie challenged me to question how I wanted to raise my kids, encouraging me to look past simply repeating my own experience of childhood. Today I aim towards a parenting philosophy that’s a perfect fit for my husband and I. It’s also the sweet spot where our kids are happiest. It works, because, essentially, I created it.”

Juliet Pannozzo