You have big dreams and you want to make a big impact.

You’re an entrepreneur, business owner, creator, changemaker or leader. (And you also have a personal and family life that you value).

You’ve had some success. But not enough. Not yet. There is still more to achieve before you really fulfil your purpose.

But you’re stressed out. Over-loaded. You feel like you’re failing at business, family and life, and you don’t have enough energy for everything, let alone yourself

You want to be able to own and celebrate your success, and not let your mistakes and setbacks defeat you.

You want to feel deep gratitude for where you’re at, even though you’re ready to achieve more in your life.

You want to perform at your best, and unlock that next level of success. But without sacrificing your personal and family life.

Enjoy more success and fulfilment (both professionally and personally) – without burning out.

How? (Hint: Mindset is not the game changer)

Sure, changing your mindset can help. But it’s not everything. And most of the time, it’s not enough.

This is your real competitive advantage.

We use the superpower resource you already have within you – your Intuitive Insight.

This is not coaching. (Although it is complementary to coaching).

We use a guided, intuitive, evidence-based process that can help to transform your inner world so you can experience a more fulfilling, loving and successful outer world.

We go beyond mindset, mindfulness, and developing business or personal skills.

We acknowledge and honour your past inner experiences, and connect with those inner qualities that allow you to be successful and live the life that you deserve. 

You do the inner work that leads to the outer success. That is the game changer.

Do you want to?

  • Let go of stress, anxiety, exhaustion and overwhelm?
  • Enjoy enough energy for business, family – and yourself?
  • Stop the never-ending loop of self-criticism, and step into confidence and compassion?
  • Own and celebrate your success and don’t let your mistakes and setbacks defeat you?
  • Feel deep gratitude for where you’re at while still knowing that you are ready to achieve more?
  • Perform at your best, and unlock that next level of success without sacrificing your personal and family life?

You step powerfully into the business and family life you deserve.

3 Core Steps


You bring awareness to your inner world, and connect with the parts of you that are ready to transform.


You do the intuitive, restorative work to bring your inner world back into balance and alignment.


You integrate the ongoing practices and strategies that help you to live with insight, power, and purpose.

Hello! I’m Jodie Benveniste, a psychologist, author, TEDx speaker, and Intuitive Insight specialist

I’ve always been ambitious. But I’ve also struggled. Way too much.

I’ve worked ridiculous hours, burning myself out, and sacrificing my family and my own emotional health and wellbeing. I’ve questioned my capabilities, my judgement and my vision every time I’ve made a mistake or faced a setback.

And when I added motherhood to the mix, I dove deep into resentment and resistance. Not a good mix. I wasn’t necessarily ready to change. But I had to.

That’s when the inner work began. I stopped focusing on all the issues and irritations in my outside world, and I started to pay attention to what was happening within me.

I discovered the parts of me that were hijacking my hopes, derailing my dreams, and thwarting my success. But I also discovered the parts of me who knew how to create the business and life I deserved.

The inner work led to the outer results. No question.

I had to become the person my business and my family needed me to be. You can do the same.

3 Core Pillars


You are capable, confident, and clear in your work and home life.


You step into your full power both professionally and personally.


You live with insight, purpose and compassion – always.

A more official bio

Jodie Benveniste is a psychologist, author, and TEDx speaker with over 20 years experience.

She is a registered psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia, and a member of the Australian Psychological Society, Assoc MAPS.

She helps entrepreneurs, business owners, creators, changemakers, and leaders to enjoy more success and fulfilment – without burning out.

She runs a private practice, leads transformational programs in person and online, is an experienced and inspirational speaker, and is the author of four books.

She has also been a regular commentator in the media, an ambassador for major brands, and a trusted advisor on government projects.

Her career has spanned corporate consulting, academic research, freelance writing, and business ownership, including her successful business, Intuitive Parenting. She’s worked with top tier big corporates, small not-for-profits and everyone in between.

She’s known for her creativity, insight, empathy and initiative.

She helps you to fully realise your ambitions, without the stress.

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