Hello! I’m Jodie Benveniste, a psychologist, author, TEDx speaker, and Intuitive Insight specialist

I’ve always been ambitious. And I’ve always wanted to be mum.

But when these two, seemingly opposing forces, collided in spectacular fashion, they broke me.

I reached burnout, overwhelm, exhaustion – not once but three times. I was non-stop striving to build my business, and also trying raise two children in a loving and connected way. I failed at both. Terribly.

I wasn’t necessarily ready to change. But I had to.

I had to find another way. A way to fulfil my purpose without depleting my reserves. A way to be more aligned with who I am and want to be. And a way to be more in sync with my family.

That’s when the inner work began. I stopped focusing on all the issues and irritations in my outside world, and I started to pay attention to what was happening within me.

I discovered the parts of me that were hijacking my hopes, derailing my dreams, and thwarting my success.

But I also discovered that true, loving, courageous, confident, passionate, purposeful, empowered part of me that knew who she was and knew how to be the business woman and mum I wanted to be.

It’s been a transformational journey that began with me and has benefitted my business and my children, enormously.

It’s been life-changing, healing and soul-affirming. I’ve stepped away from the self-sacrifice and self-criticism (so much criticism), and instead come back to me. True me.

I’ve done the inner work that leads to the outer results. The best results.

I had to become the person my business and my family needed me to be. When I did the inner work, the outer success followed.

That’s how I created Intuitive Insight.

What is Intuitive Insight?

Intuitive Insight is doing the inner work that leads to the outer results.

It’s a guided, intuitive process that brings the parts of you that are derailing your success back into balance and alignment.

That then opens up space for the you who is empowered, clear, confident, courageous and compassionate to lead.

It goes beyond mindset and developing business or parenting skills.

It’s about acknowledging and honouring your past inner experiences, and connecting with those inner qualities that allow you to be truly yourself.

I use Intuitive Insight to help woman entrepreneurs, business owners, creators, changemakers, and leaders fulfil their big dream, and parents to overcome their family struggles.

The 3 core steps in Intuitive Insight

  • You bring awareness to your inner world, and connect with the parts of you that are ready to transform 
  • You do the inner restorative work to bring your inner world back into balance and alignment
  • You create the rhythms and rituals to stay in alignment with your true self and true purpose – always

This is who you become with Intuitive Insight

A business woman or parent who:

  • Lives from the heart with passion and purpose
  • Does the inner work to achieve the outer success
  • Transform your inner world, unlocking unlimited benefits
  • Embraces self-awareness, self-compassion and self-love
  • Makes the world a much, much better place through her business and family connections

Be the change that your business and your family (and the world) needs.

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A more official bio

Jodie Benveniste is a psychologist, author, TEDx speaker and Intuitive Insight specialist with over 20 years experience.

She specializes in helping women entrepreneurs, business owners, creators, changemakers, and leaders to fulfil their big dreams, and parents to overcome their parenting struggles.

She runs a private practice, leads transformational programs in person and online, is an experienced and inspirational speaker, and is the author of four books.

She has also been a regular commentator in the media, an ambassador for major brands, and a trusted advisor on government projects.

She helps you to do the inner work that leads to the outer success.

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