You have big dreams and you want to make a big impact.

You’re a woman entrepreneur, business owner, creator, changemaker or leader (who also happens to be a mum).

You’ve had some success. But not enough. Not yet. There is still more to achieve before you really fulfil your purpose.

But you’re stressed out. Over-loaded. You feel like you’re failing at business, motherhood and marriage, and you don’t have enough energy for everything, let alone yourself.

Enjoy more success and fulfilment – without burning out.


Hello! I’m Jodie Benveniste

I’m a psychologist, author, and TEDx speaker.

Here’s a quick snapshot of my story: I was trying to combine motherhood, business and a balanced life, and I was failing miserably at it all. I wasn’t necessarily ready to change. But I had to.

I realised that mindset was not the game changer. (That’s because it isn’t). And that’s when the real inner work began. I stopped focusing on all the issues and irritations in my outside world, and I started to pay attention to what was happening within me.

I discovered the parts of me that were hijacking my hopes, derailing my dreams, and thwarting my success. But I also discovered the parts of me who knew how to create the business and life I deserved. (That’s the Intuitive Insight process).

The inner work led to the outer results. No question. 


Discover the game changer – what leads to more success and fulfilment, and less stress.

(Hint: It’s not changing your mindset)


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