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I'm a psychologist and intuitive parenting specialist and I help parents to learn intuitive tools and solutions for raising empowered and heart-centred children


Jodie Benveniste Intuitive Parenting

If you want to raise empowered and heart-centered kids, then you are in the right place.

It takes a magical mix of parenting qualities, parenting skills and a commitment to transforming with and through our children.
But we all have it within us.

I’m on a mission to gather together Intuitive Parents who are ready to change the world.

Parents who want to raise ‘whole’ children – who know, love and be who they are. Parents who are open to the healing powers of parenting.  And parents who recognise that parenting is a place for transformational change within themselves and within the world.

These are the principles of Intuitive Parenting…

Parenting is a relationship.

We’re in a relationship with our children. We’re in a dynamic. That’s why it’s not helpful to simply blame our children for their poor behaviour or meltdowns or disobedience.

Instead, we can consider what’s going on for our children – who they are, where they’re at and what they need from us in that moment – and we can take responsibility for our own behaviour.

Then we strengthen the connection we share with our children and we deepen the connection within ourselves.

We’re not here to raise happy kids. We’re on a bigger mission.

We’re not here to make our kids happy or prevent them from ever experiencing disappointment or hurt and challenges. We’re not here to smooth the path for them.

We’re here to equip them with the skills and the self-awareness to bounce back from disappointments, navigate life and chart their own path.

We’re here to raise kids who know, love and be completely comfortable with who they are so they can make their unique contribution to the world.

We have the inner wisdom we need to raise our children.

When parenting feels overwhelming, it can be so easy to look for a quick fix or an easy answer or a swift resolution.

We can then get caught in confusing and conflicting information and unhelpful comparisons that undermine our confidence.

But we all have an inner well of wisdom that we can tap into whenever we face an issue or reach an impasse or experience a setback. As Intuitive Parents, the answer often lies within rather than outside of ourselves.

The true magic of parenting is our own healing.

Parenting is not just about what we teach our children. It is also about what our children teach us. Whenever we get triggered by our kids, that’s an opportunity for healing.

Often what we need to teach our children is what we also need to learn for ourselves. And what we need to be for our children, is what we were always meant to become. 

Our children are remarkable and persistent teachers. They’re here to help us grow and evolve and heal ourselves back to wholeness. But only if we open ourselves up to the opportunity.


We can change the world with our parenting.

Many of us did not grow up feeling fully loved or validated for being exactly who we are. And that’s because we were surrounded by people who weren’t fully loved or validated for being exactly who they are.

How could they possibly teach it to us when they had never experienced it themselves? But don’t we want something different for our children – and for ourselves?

This is our chance. We can break the cycle and create a brand new pattern in our family where we all know, love and be exactly who we are. That creates transformational change in our families and in our communities. We are that powerful and so are our children.


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