Why I was crying in the cafe

I was just at a cafe with two very important people in my life – my business brains (and heart and soul) trust. We meet monthly to download, upload and integrate. Today’s session was very much needed.

I’d had a very productive weekend unpacking and setting up our new home. Then this morning, my husband left for work and my kids walked out the front door to walk to school (yes that’s what happens in this house!) and I suddenly felt very alone.

As though my family didn’t need me anymore. What? Haven’t I longed for a time when I’m not so needed? But then it arrives and I don’t like it.

But it was more than that. There’s been a shift in my home life and there’s been plenty changing in my business life too – lots of external changes.

But that’s corresponded to a lot of internal changes too. I’m changing. And that means I’ve got to let go of the person that I was. Even if what I’m moving towards is better than where I’ve been, there is still a loss.

I’m feeling very human right now. Very fragile. So if I feel like crying, I’m going to cry even if it’s in the cafe with my friends or on the balcony by myself. That’s part of the release.

I talk more about this in my Facebook Live.

FB Live Why I Was Crying At The Cafe from Jodie Benveniste on Vimeo.

Jodie Benveniste

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