When facing a parenting problem, ask yourself this


Parenting problems. Do you have any at the moment? Any you can name? I’m sure you do. Maybe you have more than one.

We all have parenting problems. They can drive us mad, keep us up at night and challenge us to our core.

They can also make us feel like we’re out of control, not able to change things, and unable to have an impact.

That’s what can happen when we get stuck in a parenting problem.

So why don’t we try this instead…

We could see our parenting problem as a parenting choice. Yes a choice.

We can decide to do something. Or nothing. We can decide to try that. Or that. We can decide to step forward. Or step back.

What happens when you frame what’s happening in your family as a parenting choice rather than a parenting problem? Can it┬ámake a difference?


Jodie Benveniste

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