Self Leadership Group Program

Unlock your people’s full potential

Employee and leadership development, when linked to strategy, is a critical competitive advantage for any organisation.

But helping people to change in a meaningful and long lasting way can be fraught with difficulties.

You can invest in frameworks, competencies, and KPIs, training and development, coaching and mentoring, but that doesn’t always drive meaningful outcomes.

That’s because, too often, there is a disconnect between insight (knowing what to do) and action (actually doing it).

What can help? A powerful psychological framework that supports people to understand and relate to themselves in an effective and meaningful way, opening up their capacity for change.

It’s the missing piece in the employee and leadership development puzzle.

It goes beyond self management. It’s Self Leadership. 

What is Self Leadership?

Self Leadership is a powerful psychological framework to understand your Self so you can work and live from a place of confidence, compassion, and clarity.

Step 01

You discover the framework you need for true Self understanding

Step 02

You bridge the gap between insight (I know what I need to do) and action (I’m doing it)

Step 03

You learn how to create meaningful and lasting change in your life

Self Leadership bridges the gap between insight and action. 

Open up your capacity for change.

The Self Leadership framework recognises the power of your inner self to make positive changes and drive meaningful outcomes.

It draws upon an evidence based technique to engage with your inner world to discover what’s holding you back and how you can move forward.

In Self Leadership, we focus on four factors:

Get R.E.A.L

  • Recognise your own mind – Deepen your understanding of your Self
  • Establish inner focus – Check in
  • Acknowledge the parts of you that are helping your situation, and those that aren’t
  • Lead from your Self – The you that is calm, confident, compassionate and clear

We are wiser and more resourceful than we think.

Program outline.

A Self Leadership program can be applied to leadership, talent development, wellbeing and/or other organisational initiatives. They are tailored to meet your strategic objectives. Here are two examples:

Is Self Leadership for your organisation?

Self Leadership is for your organisation if:

  • You want your people to become more effective, productive and fulfilled
  • Your people need a way to bridge that gap between insight (knowing what to do) and action (actually doing it)
  • You’ve done 360 reviews, personality profiles and strengths surveys so that your people have better self-awareness. But they need a way to use that information positively.
  • You want to provide your people with a way to better understand themselves so that they can unlock their full potential
  • You want a customised program that will be most beneficial for your people and your business environment

A model for meaningful change.

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