School holidays with a difference

I love Easter. It feels like having a Saturday on a Friday and then three Sundays in a row. It allowed time for activity and rest and family and friends. Blissful.

Now we’re in school holiday land and this has traditionally been a very testing time for me. It’s a time when I normally battle for the right (that’s what it’s always felt like) to do my work. It’s as though I’m holding up my placard, marching around my house in front of my family saying, ‘My work is important! Let me work! Why won’t you let me work! Aaagh!’

That was old me. The one who needed work to be a replacement for living a whole life. The person who used work as a hiding place and saw family as difficult ground.

I don’t do that anymore. I am all in. My family and my work. I don’t hide. I’m here. Open and transparent and feeling everything.

And I am feeling so much more than I used to. When I need to rest. When I’ve had too many glasses of wine. When I need to get up and do something. I feel exposed. But I also feel more alive. Parenting (and life) have done that for me. But only because I opened up instead of shutting down and closing off.

I’m still practicing. This takes practice. But I’m here doing it these school holidays and every day after that.

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Intuitive Parenting Daily – Please Don’t Raise Happy Kids

We are not here to raise happy kids. We’re really not. That is not our job at all.

Our job, well our calling actually if you’d like to take it on, is to raise whole kids.

Kids who are absolutely, completely, whole-heartedly themselves and feel good being that.

Kids who know who they are and who are unapologetic about that.

Kids who are open and loving and accepting of themselves and others because they’ve never been told that they are not good enough or that they need to be better or that they need to be something else – whatever that might be.

They are just who they are. Uniquely who they are.

That’s what I mean by wholeness.

Do you know what can happen with this sense of wholeness?

Our children can make their unique contribution to this world. They can do their thing. They can light up their little corner of the globe or they can blast the whole universe with their brilliance.

They can, you know, just be. Just be who they are. In their full beauty. With no shame. With no need to compare.

Just be who they are and who they were always meant to be. And bring that to every moment and to every relationship.

That’s what I want for my children. And you know what? That is what I wish for myself too.

Today I’m not going to worry about making my kids happy. Instead, I’m going to help them to be whole.

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Jodie Benveniste

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