Personal Consultations




Overcome your parenting struggles, emotional challenges, and difficult life changes. 
And become a calm and connected parent, raising empowered and heart-centred children.

Jodie Benveniste is a registered with the Psychology Board of Australia, a member of the Australian Psychological Society, and holds a First Class Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Adelaide.

Are you a parent who:

  • Feels like you’re in a constant battle with your children over simple, day to day tasks?
  • Finds your children’s big emotions and challenging behaviour difficult to deal with?
  • Often worries or feels anxious about your family or your life?
  • Is often negative about your parenting and yourself?
  • Often feels exhausted, irritable, frustrated or overwhelmed by family life?
  • Is going through difficult life circumstances like family changes,  relationship difficulties or other challenging times?

Jodie can help you to:

  • Learn parenting skills and behavioural and emotional coaching skills to overcome the big dramas and challenging behaviour in your family
  • Boost your own and your family’s emotional health and wellbeing
  • Strengthen your relationship with your children and within your family
  • Navigate difficult life events and circumstances so you and your family thrive rather than simply survive
  • Become a calm and connected parent and raise empowered and heart-centred children
Jodie understands where you are at right now and can help you to create positive change in your family and your life.
Consults are for 50 minutes and are held in Jodie’s online private Zoom room.