Jodie Benveniste is an experienced, engaging, and inspirational speaker

She has spoken at TEDx, major conferences, large corporations, government departments, small not-for-profits, and even shopping centres.

Jodie Benveniste is a psychologist, author, TEDx speaker and Intuitive Insight specialist with over 20 years experience.

She specializes in helping women entrepreneurs, business owners, creators, changemakers, and leaders to enjoy more success and fulfilment – without burning out.

She runs a private practice, leads transformational programs in person and online, is an experienced and inspirational speaker, and is the author of four books.

She has also been a regular commentator in the media, an ambassador for major brands, and a trusted advisor on government projects.

Her career has spanned corporate consulting, academic research, freelance writing, and business ownership, including her successful business, Intuitive Parenting. She’s worked with top tier big corporates, small not-for-profits and everyone in between.

She’s known for her creativity, insight, empathy and initiative.

Participants walk away from her presentations with the inspiration and practical strategies they need to more fully realise their ambitions, without the stress. 




Jodie’s topics include…

‘Enjoy More Success and Fulfilment – Without Burning Out’

  • How to overcome the stress, anxiety, exhaustion and overwhelm – without giving up your ambition
  • How to stop the never-ending loop of self-criticism and lack of self-worth, and step into self-kindness and compassion
  • Why mindset is not enough – and what you can do instead

‘The Success of Failure’

  • How to not let your mistakes and setbacks defeat you
  • How your ‘failures’ can be the source of your biggest business success 
  • Why pivoting your business or career is crucial if you want to be in full alignment with who you are and who you want to be

‘Way Beyond Balance’

  • How to build the business or career you want – without forsaking your family
  • How to enjoy enough energy for business, motherhood, marriage – and yourself
  • How being a business woman and a mum is actually the source of your success