Parenting struggles? Emotional challenges? Difficult life changes?


That’s me. Being that mum again. Not proceeding with love and understanding. But being reactive and frustrated. Exacerbated and explosive.

I didn’t want to be that mum. I didn’t sign up for that. I wanted a calm, loving, nurturing and restorative home life. A haven.

But I was deep in resentment, irritability and exhaustion. For too long. Something had to change. Eventually, I realised that the something was – me.

It’s been a transformational journey that began with me and has benefitted my kids. It’s been life-changing, healing and soul-affirming. I’ve stepped away from the blame, self-sacrifice and self-criticism (so much criticism), and instead come back to me. True me.

I thought I’d lost myself to parenting. But parenting helped me to find myself. (And in fact, that was its plan all along).

I’m now raising empowered and heart-centred kids and I’m healing myself back to wholeness. Want to join me?

Our starting point

  • We feel like we’re in a constant battle with our children over simple, day to day tasks
  • We find our children’s big emotions and challenging behaviour difficult to deal with
  • We often worry or feel anxious about our family or our life
  • We are often negative about our parenting and ourselves
  • We often feel exhausted, irritable, frustrated or overwhelmed by family life
  • Or we might be going through difficult life circumstances like family changes, relationship difficulties or other challenging times

Our goal

  • We learn parenting skills and behavioural and emotional coaching skills to overcome the big dramas and challenging behaviour in our family
  • We boost our own and our family’s emotional health and wellbeing
  • We strengthen our relationship with our children and within our family
  • We navigate difficult life events and circumstances so we and our family thrive rather than simply survive
  • We become who we were always meant to be

We become calm and connected parents, raising empowered and heart-centred kids.
That’s what we do, because that’s who we are.

Hello! I’m Jodie Benveniste, a psychologist, parenting author, TEDx speaker, and Intuitive Insight specialist

I’m also a mum. Which is how I found myself here, running this business.

When I became pregnant, I was over-the-moon-happy. Exhilarated. I had a blissful pregnancy, read lots of books, and went to ante-natal classes. I thought I was ready. But when my baby arrived, I was in no way prepared.

I struggled. No, that is an under-statement. I floundered. I went from being a relatively in control career woman to being that overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, irritable mum. I loved my baby, but I didn’t like my new life.

I stayed in resentment and resistance for as long as possible. Probably longer. Then I collapsed. That was the first (of three, yes, count them, three) breakdowns/breakthroughs.

I wasn’t necessarily ‘ready’ to change. But I had to. I’d brought so much baggage to parenting. And it was a heavy load. If I wanted to bring the best to my kids, I needed to transform. I’m so glad I opened that door.

You see, I thought my job was to raise my kids. But now, I realise that they’ve been raising me.

What is Intuitive Parenting?

It’s using Intuitive Insight in your parenting. Intuitive Insight is doing the inner work that leads to the outer results.

It’s a guided, intuitive process that brings the parts of you that are derailing your success back into balance and alignment.

That then opens up space for the you who is empowered, clear, confident, courageous and compassionate to lead yourself and your family.

It goes beyond mindset and developing parenting skills.

It’s about acknowledging and honouring your past inner experiences, and connecting with those inner qualities that allow you to be truly yourself.

Intuitive Insight can be used to overcome struggles in your parenting, and create a more loving and harmonious family life.

Here are the 3 core steps in Intuitive Insight

  • We bring awareness to our inner world, and connect with the parts of ourselves that are ready to transform
  • We do the inner restorative work to bring our inner world back into balance and alignment
  • We create the rhythms and rituals to stay in alignment with our true self and true purpose – always

This is who you become with Intuitive Insight

A parent who:

  • Lives from the heart with passion and purpose
  • Does the inner work to achieve the outer success
  • Transforms your inner world, unlocking unlimited benefits
  • Embraces self-awareness, self-compassion and self-love
  • Creates a loving and connected home life, and raises empowered and heart-centred kids

Be the change your family (and the world) needs.

Book a private session with me, and let’s restore your family life.

My fee is $200 (AUD) per session.

Medicare rebates (for Australian citizens)

I’m a registered provider with Medicare. Please check with your GP to see if you are eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan. This will allow you to claim a rebate of $84.80 for up to 10 sessions per calendar year.

Private health care rebates

Private health insurance may also cover consultations with me. Please check with your health fund to determine the rebate you receive for psychological services. Please note that you cannot claim a consultation both Medicare and private health. You can only claim one or the other.

Book an In Person Session

I consult from Shelsley House, 1 Frederick Street, Frewville, South Australia.

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Book an Online Session

I also consult online via my private Zoom room. Please note that Medicare rebates do not apply for online sessions unless you live in regional Australia.

You can make a booking in one of three ways:
Click on the link below to use the online booking system
Email me at
Phone 08 7080 0252
Fax 08 8219 0073


Shelsley House – 1 Frederick Street, Frewville, South Australia