Private sessions with Jodie Benveniste – psychologist, parenting author, and Intuitive Parenting specialist

Learn intuitive tools and solutions to raise empowered and heart-centred children 

Jodie Benveniste is a registered psychologist, a member of the Australian Psychological Society and holds a First Class Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Adelaide.

By working with Jodie 1 on 1, we can create a custom approach to:

 Overcome problem behaviours, daily stresses and hassles happening in your family right now

Encourage more brilliant behaviour in your home

Deal with the big emotions and emotional dramas

Help your children become more emotionally resilient

Be a calm and confident parent

Create more ease and flow in your home

Enjoy deeper and more loving relationships with your children

Parents who have worked 1 on 1 with Jodie have:

Dealt with problem behaviour in a way that feels right for their family

Helped their anxious or overly sensitive child to be more emotionally resilient

Encouraged their kids to be more cooperative and listen!

Stopped the bickering and sibling rivalry

Stopped the yelling and screaming matches

Overcome parenting guilt

Got on the same parenting page as their partner

Fees & Rebates

Jodie’s standard fee is $165 per session. 

Medicare rebates

To claim a medicare rebate, you require a referral from a GP. If you are eligible, your GP will write you a Mental Health Care Plan and this will allow you to claim a rebate of $84.80 for up to 10 sessions per calendar year. You will then be required to pay the gap.

Private health care rebates

Sessions can be claimed on your private health insurance. Please check with your health fund to determine the rebate you receive for psychological services.


Sessions are available in person or online.

Book an In Person Session

Jodie consults from from Parkside Psychology at 48 Porter Street Parkside, South Australia.

To make a booking, click on the link to use the online booking system or email Jodie at



Book an Online Session

Jodie also consults online via her private Zoom room. Please note that Medicare rebates do not apply for online sessions.

To make a booking, click on the link to use the online booking system or email Jodie at


Platinium Coaching Package 

Completely transform your parenting, your children’s behaviour and your home life

This Platinum Package provides you with a  comprehensive package of resources, including 1 on 1 sessions with Jodie, to create transformational change in your family.

Learn the skills to raise brilliantly behaved, emotionally resilient, empowered and heart-centred kids, transform yourself from the inside out, and create the family life you always wanted.

In this Platinum Package, I’ll take you step by step through:

Brilliantly Behaved Kids Online Course

You’ll stop the nagging and yelling and frustration and enjoy a stronger and more loving relationship with your children.

You’ll discover what leads to better behaviour and what prevents kids from bringing their best.

You’ll learn tools and strategies that actually work to help your children to bring more brilliant behaviour to more moments.

Emotionally Resilient Online Course

You’ll minimize the meltdowns and big dramas and anxiety in your family and enjoy a calmer and more connected home life.

You’ll discover the key skills of emotional competence and the emotional coaching techniques we need to teach our children.

You’ll learn the tools and strategies that actually work to help your children to be more emotionally resilient and resourceful.

Intuitive Parenting Online Course

You’ll lessen the dramas and battles and emotional outbursts and stress in your family and create a family life of ease and flow.

You’ll discover the key skills you need to tame your triggers and be calm and confident parent even in those situations.

You’ll learn the tools and strategies that actually work to raise children who are confident, empowered and heart-centred.

Private sessions with Jodie

You’ll receive 6 x 1 on 1 sessions with Jodie
We’ll customise everything you’ve learned in the courses to make it work in your family
You’ll be supported to completely transform your family for the better

This will be a life changing experience! Let’s do it!

Book the Platinum Package

Once you book your package, you will be personally contacted by Jodie to begin your life changing experience!


Parkside Psychology – 48 Porter Street, Parkside, South Australia