How to create a parenting approach that’s perfect for your family

“This book has changed my happiness, my home space, my child, and our relationship. Truly amazing!”

“My parenting journey began in late 2002 with my first pregnancy. The journey since then has been enthralling and enlightening, but also (as with most parents) sometimes overwhelming.

It has included newborn turmoil, toddler antics, preschooler pleasantries – and, now, two children at school. Along the way, I’ve learnt a lot about child development, human relationships and family cohesion.

I’ve also learnt a lot about myself. I’ve learnt to be more patient, more self-aware and more compassionate. And less judgemental, less controlling and less self-centred.

I’ve sometimes been forced to learn these lessons against my will. I’ve been dragged kicking and screaming from ‘I DON’T need to change’ to ‘Yes, I did really need to change, and life is so much better now.’

Yes, even for me – a professional psychologist – parenting has been a challenge.

What helped was a commitment to learning and growing, and a willingness to be imperfect and make mistakes. I’ve had to learn to believe in myself, back myself, and look after myself.

And the best way I found to achieve this is to work from a strong foundation: This is who I am, and this is how I want to raise my family.

And I realised that working with these principles could help other parent, regardless of their individual situation or contexts.

I’ve always maintained that there is no one right way to raise kids. And I’ve tried to support parents in discovering their own parenting wisdom in my business, and in my previous books Full Belly and Little Bundle.

So this book brings together all of my professional thinking and personal experience since becoming a parent. It is a road map and a guide book.

It will help you to back yourself, look after yourself, and learn your life lessons.”

Here’s what I cover in the book 

Parenting Confidence

What it is and how to get it

Your Values Statement

A manifesto that helps you to be very, very clear about your parenting

AAA Parenting Tool

How to live out your values and address any parenting moment in a way that feels right for you and will help your kids


Tools we need, and our kids can learn, to be emotionally wise and well

The Good Life

How to gain a wider perspective to help you rise above the daily challenges and really love raising your kids


‘Thank you for this book!’

“For once a book that empowers, encourages and leaves its readers (parents!) feeling positive about their parenting instead of deflated that they can’t live up to all that’s expected of them. Thank you for this book! I’m sure it’s going to make a huge difference to a lot of people!”

Kristie Visser

‘This book gave me the confidence I needed’

“When my child was born I was constantly researching parenting information to be a great mum. But everything I read conflicted, and I felt confused! Reading The Parent Manifesto gave me the confidence to manage the best way I could – my way. I’ve seen massive changes in my child’s behaviour, and my happiness. I’d recommend this book to anyone who’s frustrated with pro-forma parenting approaches that sound great but never quite seem to work.”

Juliet Pannozzo

‘Truly amazing!’

“This book has changed my happiness, my home space, my child, and our relationship. TRULY AMAZING!”

Faye Cooper