Comfort and inspiration for baby’s first year

“When I discovered I was pregnant I knew my life was going to change, but I had no idea to what degree.”

“I spent the nine months of my pregnancy tuning into my body and my baby, preparing, I thought, for motherhood. However, the night my daughter was born I was in no way prepared.

The first three months of my daughter’s life I was physically and emotionally exhausted, and in shock. My breasts blew up to the size of balloons and my nipples cracked and bled. My conversation became incoherent, my memory went and I cried in front of my GP, the child and family health nurse, my mother-in-law, my mothers group and the lady from road assistance when my car broke down.

During this time, many of the baby care books were only partly helpful. I didn’t need more information about correct breastfeeding positions, or wrapping techniques, or how to burp my baby. What I needed was emotional assistance. I needed to be told, “You are fine and your baby is fine. It’s okay. This is a process and you are learning.” I needed, like a baby, to be reassured.

I wrote this book because when I stood bleary-eyed in the bookshop looking for reassurance I could not find it. While some experts’ opinions helped, others undermined my confidence as a new parent and hindered my ability to respond to my needs and my baby’s needs.

That’s why Little Bundle will not tell you how to care for your baby, but instead, simply lend you the confidence to parent your way. As you will or have already discovered for yourself, parenthood is an intense, challenging but incredibly rewarding journey. I trust this book will be both a useful tool and a reassuring companion on that journey.”

I cover lots of topics in this book

 Advice  Ambivalence Being judged Best for baby Family Finances Having it all Housework Patience Priorities Responsibility Routines Self-belief Support And much more

And it’s all delivered in easy to consume one page grabs. As the very lovely Robin Barker, author of Baby Love, said “Dip into Little Bundle for reassurance, comfort and companionship in the middle of the night.’ Or whenever you need it.


‘This book was so affirming’

“I read so many books on settling, feeding and looking after my baby, but the best thing I could have done was trust myself and trust that I would work it all out. Little Bundle has affirmed that for me. It reminds me of how precious each moment is and how privileged I am to be a mum.””

Amy Sierp

‘Little Bundle’s words were inspirational’

“Having suffered from post natal depression, Little Bundle’s words were inspirational and comforting, and helped me to turn things around. At last a book that did not undermine my mothering skills, instead it made me believe that I could raise my baby and that I was doing a great job.”

Trish Ferretti

‘I’m so glad I had this book’

“I am so glad I had this book for the birth of my baby. So many times I needed some reassurance and a reminder that many others had been in the same place as me. Little Bundle was an inspiration.”

Rachel Edwards