A guide to raising your children with your head, heart and soul

“We all have the personal power, resources and heart to raise our kids well.” 

Yes, we do. But the problem is the we’re not always in touch with our parenting ability.

I certainly wasn’t when I first became a parent. Like all of us, I wanted to do it right. Yet, I felt like I was failing at times.

Yelling, tears, anger, emotional dramas, nagging, even chaos.

But over time, I had all the resources within me to raise my kids well.

I learned it was all a matter of being able to tune into and harness my parenting intuition. Once I had a handle on that, I was able to develop a toolkit to use for future challenges, no matter the situation. It’s the same for you.

In this book, I help you tap into the well that resides inside of you, your individual parenting intuition. We all have it. It’s the part of you that knows when to take advice and when to ignore it, when to give into your child and when to stay firm, and what’s required in every situation with your child.

I help you to discover your unique parenting voice.

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