How to find calm, focus and clarity in your parenting

Can you really find calm, focus and clarity in your busy, sometimes chaotic family life?

You absolutely can!

I was recently invited to join Pompe Strater-Vidal, Zen Sensei and founder of Relax Breathe Flow in her Relax & Breath Summit to discuss ways we as parents can create more calm in our family life.

In this chat, we discuss:

  •  The importance of responding instead of reacting to our kids by creating a ‘Space In Between’.
  •  How we can parent from the heart and bring more loving energy into our family life.
  •  How to help your kids by giving them space to find clarity
  •  How we can learn so much from our kids about ourselves and our parenting
  •  And much more!

Join me for this very enjoyable conversation with Pompe.

And let me know what your biggest takeaway was in the comments!

Jodie Benveniste

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