Every parenting moment has meaning and worth and value but only if you…

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The parenting trenches are an everyday reality for so many of us. The daily grind. Whatever you want to call it. For a long time, I’ve been convinced that glancing up at the bigger picture is so worthwhile because it gets us out of the trenches and beyond the grind.

How? Because we begin to tap into the meaning and worth and value of our children, and family life, and ourselves.

That’s why I’ve stopped weighing myself. I’m not interested in using a number as a measure of my worth.

And that’s why I’m embarking on a whole new stage of my parenting work. It’s about parenting as healing. Parenting as transformation. Parenting as personal development. For our children and ourselves.

Here’s our inspiration for the month. Please do share.

Quotable Meaning

Jodie Benveniste

2 Responses to “Every parenting moment has meaning and worth and value but only if you…

  • Interesting as you have that feedback from children, you just hear them repeat everything back to you at some other time, so proof that every moment you spend with them has an effect and value if you use it right, heather

    • Jodie Benveniste
      12 months ago

      I agree Heather – our kids are mirrors. If we look, we can see quite a bit!

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