Crying at the cafe

I was just at a cafe with two very important people in my life – my business brains (and heart and soul) trust. We meet monthly to download, upload and integrate. Today’s session was very much needed.

I’d had a very productive weekend unpacking and setting up our new home. Then this morning, my husband left for work and my kids walked out the front door to walk to school (yes that’s what happens in this house!) and I suddenly felt very alone.

As though my family didn’t need me anymore. What? Haven’t I longed for a time when I’m not so needed? But then it arrives and I don’t like it.

But it was more than that. There’s been a shift in my home life and there’s been plenty changing in my business life too – lots of external changes.

But that’s corresponded to a lot of internal changes too. I’m changing. And that means I’ve got to let go of the person that I was. Even if what I’m moving towards is better than where I’ve been, there is still a loss.

I’m feeling very human right now. Very fragile.

So if I feel like crying, I’m going to cry even if it’s in the cafe with my friends or on the balcony by myself. That’s part of the release.

There’s something else going on this week…a different form of release…

It’s the release of my new podcast show – Intuitive Parenting Daily. Each episode is only 2 or so mins long and includes a daily dose of intuitive parenting insights, ideas and inspiration. Once a week, I also interview a parent about their most challenging parenting moments and I answer one of your questions.

You can catch all the episodes here and you can subscribe on iTunes and never miss an episode.

Here is a little taster…A transcript of the episode on ‘One Parenting Message’.


With love,


Intuitive Parenting Daily – One Parenting Message

If I could give you only one parenting message, it would be this: Our children are here to heal us.

Parenting is healing.

You are the best person to be raising your children.

Because you are here to heal with and through and because of your children.

That is the beautifully, unique opportunity that parenting offers us.

We are here to heal and our children are here to help us heal.

How do I know this? Because I’ve lived it. Experienced it. Seen and felt it.

Have you ever been triggered by your children? Have you ever overreacted? Have you ever blamed your child for how you feel? Have you ever regretted or felt bad about what happened?

I’ve been there and I’m assuming that you have too.

You see that’s the wound. Right there when we get triggered. That’s the opportunity.

Our children, thank you, have revealed it. They’ve opened that doorway. They’ve opened us up.

The question is, when that door opens are you willing to walk through it?

I know you are. Because when we take this on, we heal ourselves back to wholeness and we help our children to be their true whole selves.

Today I know that my children are here to heal.

Our first Jodie Live

Tomorrow night (Tues 11th of April) I’m hosting the first Jodie Live session in the Intuitive Parenting App. Here’s the event info:

“This is our first Jodie Live. A live online session where my good friend Juliet is going to grill me, in a loving way, about how I’ve gone from a parent who spent most of my time feeling frustrated and resentful and irritated to where I am now.
I’ve shared some of this story with you. But it’s time to share more. I’ve told Juliet that if it seems like I’m holding back, I want her to challenge me to open up more. It’s time to open up more.

I’ve told Juliet that she can ask me any question she likes. And so can you. You can either submit a question prior to the event or you can ask away during the session.

If you can’t make the live event, then the recording will be available in the app.”

If you’d like to join us, you can begin your 7 day free trial right here.

Jodie Benveniste

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