Big announcement

I have some news. Big news. I’m closing down my parenting business.

It’s been 12 years in the making, and that chapter is now closing. 

This all started to emerge for me in March of this year. I’d planned to launch a new parenting program. I was all ready to go. All I had to do was hit the start button. But there was a part of me that just didn’t have the energy for it.

Jodie Version 1.0 would have ignored that voice and simply pushed through. ‘It’s okay, Jodie, you can do it!’

But because I’ve done so much self-work (and I now consider myself Jodie Version 2.0), I listened to the more compelling voice that was saying, ‘Don’t launch. There is something new that is ready to emerge. It’s ready. And you are ready.’

Deep breath.

I’m stepping into a new business. Why?

The bottom line? It’s all about the self-work.

Let me explain…

Since becoming a parent (16 years ago) and starting my business (12 years ago), I’ve learnt something fundamental about parenting and life.

To be a good parent, you only need two things: 1. Know Your Child, and 2. Know Yourself.

What do I mean by that?

Know Your Child

‘Knowing Your Child’ involves understanding child development, acknowledging their unique personality, and having some parenting skills to teach and guide them.

But…and here is an important but…I’ve found that true life change comes from doing the ‘Know Yourself’ work.

That’s when we step into the person (and parent) we are, and were always meant to be. (And that’s when we create the best environment for our children to do the same).

So what’s this ‘Know Yourself’ business?

Know Yourself

‘Knowing Yourself’ involves, well, much more…It’s being self-reflective, taking responsibility for your own behaviour, and doing your own self-work.

Although I appreciate the value in teaching you how to ‘Know Your Child’, my deep love is supporting you to ‘Know Yourself’.
Know Yourself. Be Yourself. Love Yourself. And share that with the world.

So how do we do that – purely and truly?

By stepping back from all the irritations and issues in our outside world (including work, family and everything), and turning our attention to what’s happening inside of us.

That’s where you can discover the parts of you that are hijacking your life, and the parts who know how to enjoy a more successful, fulfilling and loving life.

That’s my new work.

It’s not coaching (although it’s complementary to coaching). And it goes beyond mindset, mindfulness, and skills development.

This the self-work that I’ve spent years applying to my own life, and that I’ve shared with many of my private practice clients.

Now it’s time to give it my full focus.

The starting point for this work could be work hassles, family dramas or personal relationship issues. Regardless, the process is to do the inner work that leads to the outer success.

It’s powerful and, oh so, effective.

Interested? Great! You can read more about this new work here.

And if you’d like to book a 1 on 1 session with me (either in person or online) I’d love to work with you. More info here.

So that’s why I’m closing my parenting business…

Although I love and value the ‘Know Your Child’ work. It’s time to devote myself to this deeper, and immensely powerful ‘Know Yourself’ work.

With love,


But wait, I have some parenting parting gifts…

Most important parenting guidance

I’ve distilled the absolute most important parenting guidance you’ll ever need and crafted it into a beautiful download that you can stick on your fridge or keep on your phone. Download it for free here.

Best parenting strategies

I shared my very best parenting advice, insights and strategies in a 2-hour seminar that I ran for Parenting SA. It covers everything I would want you to know about how to next level your parenting (apart from doing your own self-work – more about that next week). Watch the seminar for free here.