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I was on the couch in my trackies and slippers scrolling through emails.

And there they were. Two emails from two different public people, one from Australia, one from the USA, one whom I’ve met, one whom I only know through her books, declaring a great loss.

A husband and a 25 year old daughter (only child) gone.

This is the same day that I sat with one of my clients in my private practice while we grieved her miscarriage, the baby that could have been.

And this is two days after my husband came home from a work function and retold a conversation he’d had with a similar aged colleague: ‘One of his oldest friends got diagnosed with lung cancer. Never smoked a cigarette in his life. He was gone three months later.’

Tragedies. Immense losses. Inexplicable.

We can often misunderstand, can’t we, the impermanence of life.

Of course, we know it doesn’t last forever. But we don’t fully recognise how irregular its timelines can be, and how shockingly they can be disrupted.

I’ve never been an adherent to Valentine’s Day traditions. (Except when I was in high school and I sent an anonymous card to that boy I really, really liked). You won’t find my husband and I out at a restaurant at another table for two or even giving each other gifts.

But this Valentine’s Day I feel it’s prudent to take in all the in love my life. Everyone I love. Everything that I love about them. Everything I love about everything. And everything I love about me.

Because I don’t know what’s penciled into life’s timeline.

But I do know that what I have right now in my life is bountiful and beautiful and I want to appreciate all of it.

Happy Valentine, everyone.

Jodie Benveniste

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