4 steps to deal with your child’s challenging behaviour


Aargh! Do you get to the end of your day exhausted? Do you feel like you’ve just gone 10 rounds in a boxing ring? Are you so over family life feeling like a battleground? Do you just want some peace and cooperation? And more love and connection?

I hear you.

We are parents and we are here to guide our children to behave well and be their best selves. But oftentimes, this feels like our biggest struggle.

If only our kids would…

  • Cooperate
  • Pick up after themselves
  • Do what they are asked
  • Listen
  • Be polite
  • Be respectful
  • Stop whining
  • Stop arguing
  • Stop fighting our authority
  • Just stop already!

Battling with our kids day in and day out is exhausting. It can make us feel ineffective, ashamed, and out of control.

We are the parents! They should listen to us! And they should be behaving better than this!

It can also make us feel exasperated and out of options. How can family life ever get better if we’re always fighting with, yelling at, and getting frustrated by our children?

That’s not the family life we signed up for. We all want more love and affection and connection. But the poor behaviour seems to get in the way of all that.

I’ve worked with many parents to turn around their family lives. To ease the struggle and the battles and to create deeper connections and more loving moments.

So what can help change the dynamic in your family? And what can help to bring more love and connection in?

You can tap into the head, heart and soul of parenting.

The Intuitive Parenting Framework helps you tap into the head, heart and soul of parenting to deal with your child’s challenging behaviour.

It’s about your parenting mindset, your parenting heart and your parenting soul.

YOUR PARENTING MINDSET is the head part of parenting. But it’s about parenting from a clear head space and with a helpful mindset so that you don’t get in the way of your own good parenting.

The 3 parenting truths are:

> You cannot control your children
> Parenting is a dynamic
> This is an emotional game

YOUR PARENTING HEART is the loving energy you bring to your parenting. It’s what connects us with our children and creates love and trust and respect.

The Validation Equation Support Tool is:

> I see you
> I hear you
> I love you

YOUR PARENTING SOUL is about invoking your parenting intuition. It’s that inner wisdom or gut instinct we all have that can guide our parenting choices if we check in, listen, and trust it.

How you can use your parenting intuition:

> Create a Space In-between
> Check-in

YOUR PARENTING PLAN is about understanding the issue, defining how you want to behave in the situation, and outlining how you want to address the issue.

With the AAA Parenting Tool you assess, aim and act:

How am I responding to the situation? What are my feelings and beliefs about the situation?
What can I reasonably expect from my child’s behaviour? What lesson can my child learn from this situation? How can I help my child become more self-reliant and self-sufficient or learn a new life skill?
What can I do to manage this situation better so my child can learn from the experience?

Although it may not feel like it, your child’s challenging behaviour is an opportunity to guide your child to bring their best selves to a situation. It helps if you also bring your best self.

That can be difficult when we are feeling angry, annoyed or frustrated. That’s why it’s important to put ourselves in the equation, validate our own feelings, and check in with ourselves.

That gives us the opportunity to parent from a place of love and not control. When we parent from a place of love, for our children and ourselves, we create deeper connections within our family and unlock more opportunities for joy.



Jodie Benveniste

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