4 questions to ask yourself


I’m not who I was when I began this year. I’m someone else. A newer, fresher, more refined version of the person who began the year.

I hope this happens every year. Because I don’t want to stand still. I don’t want to be who I always was. I want to evolve and grow and heal and be.

That doesn’t mean that the old me wasn’t good enough. She was. For that time and those moments. She was the best she could probably be.

But next year requires more of me. It requires me to step into a new consciousness and a new space. I’m ready. And I’m ready to invite you in too.

Next year is going to feel different. We’ve come to the end of a major cycle and we’re about to begin the next one.

This year was about a lot of endings or things coming to a conclusion or a head. Some of the endings happened through choice and others were forced upon us.

But they’ve happened. Now we move on. Now we flow with what is.

So to help us to flow with, I’ve got 4 questions for you.


01. What sucked about this year?

02. What surprised you about this year?

03. What will you leave behind?

04. What will you take with you?

You may like to respond quickly and automatically with whatever comes up first. Or you might like to journal these 4 questions and go a bit deeper. Either is fine. But I do invite you to consider them.


01. What sucked about this year?
A dear family member went through cancer treatment this year. It was tough, but ultimately successful. It also had an unintended consequence. It brought us all closer together as a family and it helped all of us to reflect on our mortality. The gold emerges from the mud.

02. What surprised me about this year?
I really wasn’t sure what would happen with my work this year. My commitment at the beginning of the year was to see where the year led me. I’ve always wanted to steer my work life (and let’s be honest, my entire life) in a fixed direction of my own choosing. This year, I let that go. I opened up to being led. Not surprisingly, I was led me to the first stage of doing my true, soul work, and I am truly grateful.

03. What will I leave behind?
I have a long history with self-doubt, resentment, control and lack of true self-love. I leave all of that behind because I no longer need it. I don’t need to be small anymore. I just need to be.

04. What will I take with me?
I take a very clear intention into 2017. I commit to being present and aware and self-nurturing. I will bring that to every moment and every relationship. And I will be open to what comes.

What about you? How will you answer these 4 questions? What sucked and what was a surprising about this year? What will you leave behind and what will you take with you?

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Jodie Benveniste

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