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Your kids are unique. You are unique. And so are your family dynamics.

That’s why general parenting information isn’t always enough.

Sometimes we need to talk through our particular situation. What’s happening for our kids, and for us, and the impact it’s having on everyone.

When we talk through our particular experience, we can get perspective, a clearer picture, and a way forward.

That’s why I offer personal consultations.

In my personal consults, it’s not about me telling you what to do. It’s about us working together to truly understand your situation and to come up with a plan for you.

Together we go through a 4 step process to understand your situation better and connect with your own parenting intuition.

Consultations go for 1 hour and are conducted either over the phone or by Skype.

Once you have purchased a session, I will contact you to make a time that suits.