Even though we go through some similar experiences, every family is unique.

Your kids are unique. You are unique. And so are your family dynamics.

That’s why general parenting information isn’t always enough.

Sometimes we need to talk through our particular situation. What’s happening for our kids, and for us, and the impact it’s having on everyone.

When we talk through our particular experience, we can get perspective, a clearer picture, and a way forward.

That’s why I offer personal consultations.

In my personal consults, it’s not about me telling you what to do. It’s about us working together to tap into your parenting intuition and develop a deeper and more connected understanding of your situation and the path forward.

Together we dig into the true head, heart and soul of parenting. It’s about bringing your whole self to your parenting. That helps you to get beyond daily blocks to a place where you can raise your children with patience, wisdom and love.


None of them alone can create the family life you want. But the three combined are a powerful force. When you master the fine art of parenting with your head, heart and soul, you’ll be amazed at what happens with your family, and within yourself.


You need the right mindset to be an effective parent. The right mindset helps you to keep things in perspective, manage your reactions and, lead your children in a calm and confident way. When you get your head in the right place, your parenting can transform and so can your children’s behaviour.


To thrive, children need love. We all need love. Love is parenting. But love can be more complicated than we think. How do you show and share your love? How are your children experiencing love? How is your own self-love and self-worth? Heart-based parenting puts love at the centre.


You have a parenting intuition. It’s your inner wisdom or your inner voice that guides you, sustains you, and gives your parenting backbone. When you unlock your parenting intuition, you can help your children to become wise and well and whole.

We will use a framework and some foundation intentions

I don’t believe that quick fixes really work when raising kids. Neither do formulas. That’s why following parenting advice blindly can sometimes fall flat. Instead, we want to transcend your current situation and transform your family life. Not just for a day. But forever.

That’s why I prefer to use a framework. It helps us to dive into the head, heart and soul of parenting and apply it to your specific situation. It’s about an approach that fits with your values and resonates within you.

I also embrace a few foundation attitudes or intentions so that we can get the most out of the framework and your family life.



I would love to work with you to bring your whole self to your parenting, to dig into the true head, heart and soul of parenting, and to connect with your parenting intuition.

Consultations go for 1 hour and are conducted either over the phone or by Skype

You can purchase a session through the online store by clicking on the buy now button, and then I will contact you via email to make a time that suits.

If you have any other questions about the sessions, then please contact me here.